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Front & Rear Parking Sensor       


Parkmatic 6404 series are specially designed for large vehicles like truck or busses which, the cable connections between the sensors and the display are very long, thus making the installation from hard to impossible. 6404 with its high efficiency display and rear units there are no cables needed anymore between the main unit and the display, which will save time and money to the installer and the consumer.


Our flagship model in lcd series. It has a high contrast very clear and sleekly designed display Which coupled by it's 6 or 8 sensors gives the user exact control on the distance and the place of obstacles around the vehicle simultaneously. Rear sensors will detect an industry leading 22 cm distance from up to 2.5 meters and that distance is shown in 1 cm intervals. Front sensors have an incredible 15 cm nearest reporting distance in 1 cm intervals. Now with our VSS(Vehicle speed sensor), front detection is even more dependable on bad weather conditions.

Wireless Parking sensor            

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