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3705 Series                                     

3705 Rear Parking Sensor

  • White, Amber or Blue Display Option
  • Paintable sensor
  • Matt sensor option
  • 4 sensors
  • Socket system for easy installation
  • Drill bit
  • The user can adjust the warning volume
  • Multidrectional display view
  • The distance of the obstacle can be displayed in cms with 1 cm increment
  • The triggered sensor will be displayed to the user
  • Display can be roof mounted according to type of the vehicle
  • Bright display allows for easy daytime view
  • Waterproof for all weather conditions
  • 0 degree angle for flat bumpers
  • Fully functional on metal bumpers
  • 19mm sensor diameter
  • 250 cm cable for display.
  • Operates between 9-28V
  • 7 stage zone alert
  • Auto diagnosis
  • International E type approval
  • User friendly software
  • A defective sensor is bypassed to ensure functionality of rest of the system
  • Defective sensor advised to the user
  • Round object of 7.5 cm diameter can be detected from 120 cm
  • 1 cm precision
  • Sensitivity can be adjusted according to type of the vehicle and user needs
  • Spare tyre behind the vehicle can be bypassed and the last zone can be extended
  • People, children & animals can be detected from 120 cm
  • 22 cm aproach at rear
  • 3 years warranty
  • 1 ms response time with high technology processor
  • Towbar bypass

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